We will create and run the most effective form for professional networks in the world.

Meet Over Coffee wants to be the largest professional network in the world that creates strong networking relationships locally, nationally and globally through one-to-one networking meetings.

We believe that networking is a lifestyle, which can be practiced through Meet Over Coffee, since networks create opportunities, and because networking is about building relations between people.

We structure and streamline our members networking

Meet Over Coffees mission is to provide the most effective networking tool for business people, politicians, and NGOs through targeted matching and the one-to-one meeting concept.

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The idea behind Meet Over Coffee

The idea emerged one day when the founder of Meet Over Coffee, Henrik Hahn-Nissen, was straightening up his emails.

During this, Henrik realised that he over the years had composed approximate 800 business contacts into one-on-one coffee meetings, because he believed they could create value to each other.

This was the beginning of Meet Over Coffee.

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We are always looking for new, talented colleagues, and you are therefore welcomed to send us an unsolicited application.

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