Tailored network solution

We tailor the white label solution to your needs and wishes based on your visual identity and organisational structure.

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What is a White Label Solution?

It is a network for your organisation, customers, or members only. It has your logo and colours as well as all the Meet Over Coffee functionalities. Think of it as a shop-in-shop principle.

We customise Meet Over Coffee’s core product for your private networking group or organisation.

What does a White Label Solution include?

As a minimum, a White Label Solution will include all the features you already know from Meet Over Coffee‘s core product. However, your solution will be customised to integrate your own identity.

If you have specific wishes, let’s talk about it.

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Why choose a White Label Solution?

By having your own unique network portal for your employees or members, you can strengthen your relationships, boost in-house knowledge sharing, and create a stronger network in your organisation.

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Your own identity

Our design team will produce your White Label Solution in close co-operation with you.

They have a proven track record for attention to detail, and an impressive capacity to identify with your brand and wishes.

Your own Newsfeed

In addition to your own design, you will have a customised newsfeed, through which you can push news stories to your members.

The Newsfeed is displayed on all profile pages.