Tak fordi du besøger Meet Over Coffee

Webportalen er i øjeblikket under udvikling. Du er velkommen til at kigge rundt, men vær opmærksom på, at vi ikke er på plads med alle funktioner. 

Vi forventer, at vi er færdige med at teste alle funktioner d. 21. juni 2018.

Hvis du har spørgsmål, er du velkommen til at kontakte os på support@meetovercoffee.net

Rigtig god dag,

Meet Over Coffee Teamet

A flexible network model

Here there is no meeting duty, no fixed dates, no scheduled agenda. We match you with professional profiles to suit your network needs - a flexible model without a fixed frame.


More than a cup of coffee

Meet Over Coffee, of course, is not just for coffee loving people. See it as a professional coffee break where you meet each other informally and talk about what's happening in your professional life. It's simply about what you can do for each other.


You've got a match!

In one year you can get up to 52 matches. You choose how many inspirational people you will meet via Meet over Coffee.

What can I do for you?

Meet Over Coffee is your shortcut to meet people whom you can benefit from and who can benefit from you.

Use Meet Over Coffee to tie more ties and to strengthen your relationships and communities.

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Understand Meet Over Coffee in 1 minute (in Danish) - hear about the benefits of using Meet Over Coffee as a strong and easy accessible way to build a solid professional network..

Prof. Dr. Michael Nobel


“Networking is about building relationships! Getting to know people - networking is a long-term investment.“

Prof. Dr. Michael Nobel
Nobel Sustainability Trust

Peter Bernstorff fra Gyldensteen Trading


“My first meeting was a definite success. There were basis for making business. I definitely recommend a Meet Over Coffee membership.“

Peter Bernstorff
Gyldensteen Trading

Become a part of Meet Over Coffee

With your LinkedIn profile you can join in a few minutes.

Select your subscription type with Meet Over Coffee, then parts of your LinkedIn profile will be transferred.

Then complete your Meet Over Coffee profile, and among other things choose, how many matches you want a month.

You can continuously customize your profile, and the more accurate and updated your profile is, the better we can match you with the right people.


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White label solution

With a white label solution, a business, an organization or a network group can have a privat network in the Meet Over Coffee network.

We customize a solution to your needs. The solution gives you an overview, easy access to networking across and space for knowledge sharing.

A white label solution contains a branded profile page, news feed and, of course, "match making".

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Exciting networking events with Meet Over Coffee

Meet us on our exciting networking events around the country and learn more about our matching concept and be inspired for your next networking meeting.

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