Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Meet Over Coffee?

Contact us:

Phone: +45 70 99 99 07


Why should I complete my Meet Over Coffee profile?

Because we match you based on your profile.

You can easily create and customise your Meet Over Coffee profile. Parts of your profile will automatically be transferred from LinkedIn.

When you eidt your LinkedIn profile, your Meet Over Coffee profile will automatically be synchronised, however, you will still need to update the sections of your profile specific to your Meet Over Coffee profile to ensure that you always get the best match possible.

Do I need a LinkedIn profile?

Yes, it’s a prerequisite that you have a LinkedIn profile to join Meet Over Coffee.

Meet Over Coffee uses some the information from LinkedIn – supplemented by the additional Meet Over Coffee information in order to find the best possible match for your upcoming coffee meetings.

If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, you can create one here at It’s free.

Login with LinkedIn

When you log in to your account, you will remain logged in until you choose to log out from, or you log out from your LinkedIn profile

If you are using a public or shared computer, we encourage you to remember to log out of all your social accounts or other services you have logged in to.

How do I log in?

Once you have been confirmed as a member, you can log in to Meet Over Coffee with your LinkedIn login.

Log in via the Login buttons on the Meet Over Coffee web portal.

How and where are the meetings held?

We introduce you to your counterpart, and you arrange the time and place for your meeting.

For this, you should contact your counterpart at once after being introduced to your match by the Meet Over Coffee team.

This allows you to plan based on your own agendas, avoiding double-bookings. You and your matches can set your meetings up based on your preferences.

You decide whether it should be a phone conversation, physical, or virtual meeting, depending on what suits you best.

How do I achieve the most from my meeting?

First of all ensure you have set up your meeting. Go into your one-to-one meeting prepared and motivated, to avoid wasting your and your new contact‘s precious time.

Meetings become far more effective if you ask relevant questions and show sincere interest. This will inspire your contacts to engage with corresponding motivation and enthusiasm at the meetings.

This creates the trust that makes your new contacts more likely to open their networks for you and recommend you to their networks.

How do I edit my Meet Over Coffee profile?

You can edit your profile by logging in and clicking on „My Networks“. From here, you can choose the profile you want to change.

When you edit your LinkedIn profile you can choose to automatically transfer these changes to your Meet Over Coffee profile.

As you may be enrolled in more than one network within the Meet Over Coffee brand you will be given the option to opt out of the automatic synchronisation of each of your Meet Over Coffee profiles with LinkedIn.

However, you must keep the specific Meet Over Coffee sections updated to ensure that you always get the best possible match with other profiles.

Can I choose a match?

No, we provide a structured framework, and we make a selection of your matches based on the profiles within the entire Meet Over Coffee network. This ensures efficiency and quality for all participants.

When you are matched with one or more other profiles, they will be featured in “My Match” under the “My Profile” menu. From here, you can establish a one-to-one chat with your new relationships to schedule meetings etc.

Who is my match?

The Meet Over Coffee team matches you with people with whom you have something in common with. The match algorithm is based on the information you provide in your profile.

By keeping your profile updated is the best way to ensure you always get relevant matches. This is why keeping your profile up to date is so important.

Why does my match not fit me?

In this case, we encourage you to review and customise the information you have provided in your Meet Over Coffee profile, including professional experience, interest, goals, motivation etc. If it still does not give you the expected match, please contact the Meet Over Coffee team so we can investigate this with you.

Keep in mind that you should not expect to meet people with exactly the same background and experience as yourself. This is one of the main purposes of Meet Over Coffee; meeting new people with different profiles.

If you are in doubt whether it is a proper match, try and ask yourself what you can do for your counterpart. There is always more behind the profile than meets the eye. It might not be obvious, but a coffee meeting can reveal that you have more in common than anticipated.

When you meet, feel reassured by the thought that you are meeting up to help each other. Perhaps you leave the meeting without anything else but a good laugh, other times you gained valuable knowledge, a new important contact or insight that can move you forward – or just leaving with the great feeling of having helped someone else.

If you still have doubts or questions about your match, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

How do I close my Meet Over Coffee profile?

Under “My Profile”, select the menu item “My Subscriptions”.

Here you can cancel one or more of your subscriptions by clicking “Cancel subscription”.

If you regret the cancellation within 30 days, we can retrieve and restore your profile. Subsequently, all data will be irrevocably deleted.

Why do you need my credit card information for a free trial membership?

We require your credit card information during the trial to prevent fraud and to secure you as a member. If you cancel your membership before the trial is over, there will be no charges.